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  • The black suede bag my mother used to use when I was a child.


    It's like a thin, long handle with no gussets or pockets

    It was a very simple bag


    Although there is no particular design like this


    For some reason it's always been in my memory


    As if I want a bag like that someday



    One day, I met ANDADURA's Yamamoto-san through a mutual friend.


    Mr. Yamamoto cut out from my memory and completed


    It is a very simple bag named "FLAT".




    [ FLAT]



    I made a bag with jiji


    Around last fall, I met Mr. Koyama from jiji for the first time at the jiji exhibition.


    At that time, we talked about making a bag together, and in the car on the way home, this bag was made in my head.


    The image that immediately came to my mind was Mr. Koyama's

    Because you gave me a clear image.

    I was able to imagine vivid shapes


    Visit the atelier in winter and see the space created by jiji

    By talking for a long time, "The temperature of the water just before it turns into ice"

    An image came to my mind


    FLAT is a very simple small bag

    The image of "the temperature of the water just before it turns into ice"

    He encouraged me to take on challenges that I don't usually do.


    Centering on the center of appearance instead of centering on the center of structure


    There is an error of a few millimeters, but the soft material absorbs and accepts the error.


    Change the thread you use to a thread different from usual, make the count thinner, and match the needle



    The stitching pitch is also fine.


    I don't know if I was able to express the temperature of the water at zero degrees.

    I felt the response of things converging towards the image.


    At first glance, zero-degree water seems cold, but zero-degree water may be replaced with purity.


    Zero degrees (purity) is cold to the body, but it must be pleasant to the heart.


    I would be happy if you could pick it up



    ANDADURA Yusuke Yamamoto









    [ FLAT ] ANDADURA × jiji one handle bag


    cowhide leather




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