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  • These pants are made from cotton herringbone, a different material from the cotton hemp pants released 3 years ago.


    It has a clean shape with a zipper in the front and rubber on the back.


    The pants have been made using different materials from time to time, and the impression varies each time depending on the material used.


    The material we selected this time is a moderately thick cotton that can be worn throughout the year, and has a beautiful subtle herringbone pattern.



    *The product is washed after finishing, so the dimensions after washing at home will remain almost the same.





    This product is made by one seamstress who handles all steps from cutting to sewing.


    We carefully and accurately sew each garment, paying close attention to the hidden parts of each garment, and always creating beautiful stitching.


    It would be great if you could wear it while feeling the warmth and comfort of handicraft, which is different from ready-made items.


    Model height (160cm) Wearing size 2

    Cotton herringbone pants

    color, size

    cotton 100%



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