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  • This is a pudding plate made by Junya Nakamoto, who reside in Ryujin Village, Wakayama Prefecture.


    When I visited Mr. Nakamoto's house previously, he said, ``If you eat pudding in this bowl, it will be delicious!''

    Mr. Nakamoto said.

    Since then, we have called this dish a pudding dish, and the rim is wide enough to hold any kind of food.

    It makes you look beautiful.




    Works fired in wood-fired kilns vary in color and texture depending on the climate and conditions inside the kiln, even if the same clay and glaze are used.

    The texture varies depending on the time, such as glossy, matte, or rough with firewood ash.


    *In some cases, there may be pinholes, marks, or cracks on the bottom, but these are caused during firing and do not affect use.

    *As each item is handmade, the size and texture may vary slightly.

    *Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to these reasons.


    *As each item has a different expression, we will select the item you want and deliver it to you.

    Junya Nakamoto Pudding Plate





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