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  • This is a full apron that has been a standard product since the brand was launched.


    There are a neck type and a shoulder type, and this is a shoulder type.


    We recommend this type for those who wear it for a long time or who don't like neck type.


    The densely woven cotton hemp fabric is strong and durable, and has excellent water absorption and quick drying properties, making it the perfect material for a work apron.


    *Since the product is washed after finishing, the dimensions will not change after washing at home.


    Since this product is also sold in physical stores, it may be out of stock even if it is displayed as being in stock.

    Even if the item is out of stock, it is possible to place an order if the fabric is in stock.



    This product is made by a single seamstress, from cutting to sewing.


    Each garment is carefully and accurately sewn, paying attention to even the parts on the back that are not visible to the eye, while always striving for beautiful stitching.


    It would be great if you could use it while feeling the warmth and comfort of handmade products that are different from ready-made products.


    Model height (170cm / 5'7)



    cotton 76%, hemp 24%



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