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  • Using old overseas underwear as a design source, it is a cotton knit with pico lace and silk ribbon on the neckline.


    Using a refreshing yarn that is strongly twisted from super long cotton from India, it is sweetly knitted with a milling machine.


    Although it looks tight, it has excellent elasticity.


    The extra-long cotton is soft to the touch, so it won't get too hard even if you twist it hard, and it has a smooth texture that can be worn regardless of the season.


    It is a versatile knit that can be used as an inner layer as well as a single piece.


    Because the raw material cotton is white, it is also characterized by its beautiful coloring.



    *Since the product is washed after finishing, the dimensions will not change after washing at home.



    Since this product is also sold in physical stores, it may be out of stock even if it is displayed as being in stock.


    Model height (160 cm / 5'3")

    Cotton knit

    color, size

    cotton 100%


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